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Bisons prevailed also in the ELL Tournament 2 The European Lacrosse League Tournament 2 was played in Berlin last weekend. German capital host a box-lacrosse tournament for the very first time and organizers prepared nice and enjoyable weekend for everybody at the Neukölln arena. Spectators saw many dramatic games including the final game. Bisons Radotín turned the match against Deutschland Adler over at its very end.


Aitcom Pardubice who finished second in the first ELL tournament and Radotín Wolves who finished sixth opened the Saturday programme. Aitcom lead 4:0 in the 16th minute and it seemed it would be an easy task for them. But Wolves concentrated and improved their motion by the halftime. Výmola, Barák and Broz scored and set the score to 3:4 after two periods. Wolves then needed only 80 seconds to score three unaswered goals and turn the game over. Říha from Aitcom scored in the last minute of the game but Wolves were able to guard their surprising victory till the final whistle.

Deutschland Adler played ELL Blue in the second game. There were many dramatic situations and plenty of goals again. Home Adler started better and lead 4:1 after 9 minutes. On the other side it was especially an excellent shooter Sean Menz who kept Blues up. He scored seven goals in the match. Blues turned over and lead 10:6 in the second period. Adler pressed heavily at the end and equalized, so the game had to be resolved in penalty shots. Adler’s Jamie Plunket was the only successful executor. And unfortunatelly for Blues a referees‘ mistake in the last serie decided about the Deutschland Adler victory: Sean Menz‘s shot bounced high above goalie Dominik Sika, referee declared the end of the game immediatelly but the ball then felt down to the net behind goalie’s back. Referees did not change their decision.

The course of the third match between Aitcom Pardubice and Bisons Radotín reminded the first one. Aitcom lead quickly 3:0 in three minutes and Bison’s goalie Tomáš Říha who was suffering from cold deciced to change. But his substitute Tomáš Pelikán played very well and helped Bisons to turn the game over. The score was 6:6 after two periods. Then Sadílek and Prchlík scored and got Aitcom up again against Bisons who seemed quite tired because they were short of players. But Bisons have Petr Poupě. Within several seconds he scored two spectacular goals. Bisons‘ playing coach Patrik Procházka then shot the victorious goal in thal last minute and decided about Aitcom finishing last in group B.

The match between ELL Blue and Old Dogs Plzeň was another dramatic battle. Blues commenced better and lead 5:1. Emil Moravec and Sean Menz scored two goals each. Old Dogs then woke up and with six unanswered goals set the score to 7:5 and they were able to defend it till the end of the game.

Youngsters from Wolves then lost to experienced Bisons, who controlled the game and won the B group. Bison’s Skála scored five goals.

Deutschland Adler matched Old Dogs Plzeň in the last Saturday game. They outscored them quite easily and secured their participation in the Sunday final. Adler were seven goals up at the halftime and controlled the rest of the game. Old Dogs did not give up but the final score was 12:8.

Aitcom Pardubice won over ELL Blue in the 5th place game 12:8. The game was very tight untill the last period when Aitcom prevailed physically because Blues were short of players.

Old Dogs and Wolves who played for the 5th place in the ELL tournament 1 struggled for bronz in Berlin. Old Dogs dominated in the first half but Wolves saved all their energy for the last 15 minutes. They overscored Old Dogs 5:1 and gain the 3rd place after 12:7 victory.

The final game between home Deutschland Adler and Bisons Radotín was definitelly the tournament highlight. Tomáš Říha appeared in the Bison’s net surprisingly. The first period belonged to Bisons. Despite the slow start they won 5 :3. Skála and Poupě scored twice each and Rozkot added one more goal. Frank, Došlý and Plunkett were Adler’s scorers. In the second period it was the German team who was ruling the game and set the score to 10:9 after 30 minutes. They added more goals, lead 13 : 10 about six minutes before the end and it seemed that tired Bisons cannot recover. But they confirmed their excellent skills at the end of the game. Petr Poupě was a permanent thread with his motion and perfect passes destructing oponent’s defence. Pešek scored two goals and Seidl added one, all after great combinations. Radek Skála scored the winning goal after another killing Poupě’s feed 90 second before the whistle.

Bisons won both ELL tournaments and confirmed their role of favorites, but the tight results of all games mean that no team should be underestimated.

by Ondřej Mika



Group A


LC Bison Radotín

AITCOM Pardubice

Wolves Radotín



LC Bison Radotín


9 : 8 (2:4, 4:2, 3:2)4

12 : 8 (5:3, 5:2, 2:3)4

21 : 16


AITCOM Pardubice

8 : 9 (4:2, 2:4, 2:3)1


6 : 7 (3:0, 1:3, 2:4)1

14 : 16


Wolves Radotín

8 : 12 (3:5, 2:5, 3:2)1

7 : 6 (0:3, 3:1, 4:2)4


15 : 18



Group B


Deutschland Adler

ELL Blue

Old Dogs Plzeň



Deutschland Adler


14 : 13 (4:3, 2:7, 8:3)4

12 : 8 (6:1, 2:3, 4:4)3,5

26 : 21


ELL Blue

13 : 14 (3:4, 7:2, 3:8)1


9 : 11 (5:2, 0:4, 4:5)1

21 : 25


Old Dogs Plzeň

8 : 12 (1:6, 3:2, 4:4)1,5

11 : 9 (2:5, 4:0, 5:4)4


19 : 21


Points: period victory 1 point, tight period 0,5 point each team, game victory 2 points

5th place game
AITCOM Pardubice4–ELL Blue1   12 : 8 (4:2, 2:3, 6:3)

3rd place game
Wolves Radotín4,5–Old Dogs Plzeň0,5   12 : 7 (2:1, 5:5, 5:1)

Final game
LC Bison Radotín4–Deutschland Adler1   14 : 13 (5:3, 4:7, 5:3)


Tournament 2 standings



1. LC Bison Radotín

35 : 29

17 (8+4+5)

2. Deutschland Adler

39 : 35

12,5 (7,5+1+4)

3.  Wolves Radotín

27 : 25

12,5 (5+4,5+3)

4. Old Dogs Plzeň

26 : 33

8 (5,5+0,5+2)

5. AITCOM Pardubice

26 : 24

7 (2+4+1)

6. ELL Blue

29 : 37

3 (2+1+0)

* Numbers in brackets are points from round-robin games, points from placement games and bonus for the standings in the tournament.

Overall Standings



1. LC Bison Radotín

66 : 49


2. Deutschland Adler

69 : 62


3. AITCOM Pardubice

57 : 44


4.  Wolves Radotín

45 : 54


5. Old Dogs Plzeň

46 : 53


6. ELL Blue

48 : 67




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