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Deutschland Adler is the ELL 2012 Champion Team Deutschland Adler became the ELL 2012 Champion after defeating LC Bison Radotin in dramatic and attractive final game 10:9.

The final game was a spectacular show for about 300 spectators in the stands or LCC Radotín arena.

Adler commenced better and they lead 3:0 in the 8th minute. Jamie Plunkett scored twice and Pavel Došlý added one goal. Adam Kostka asnwered in the 9th minute. Bison then started to play more actively and added one more goal before the end of period one.

Nor the beginning of the second period was good for Bisons. Hendrik du Bois Reymond Jamie Plunkett scored. Michal Roubíček then finished his individual action waking up Bisons‘ hopes. Adam Kostka scored his third goal and Adler lead was just one goal again.

Daniel Utěšil got a major penalty at the end of the 23 minute and Adler used their chance completely and scored two goals. Adler’s Canadian acquisition Alec Tuura then added a goal and the situation seemed bad for Bisons. But Dominik Pešek score at the end of the second period.

Bisons were more active in the third period and majority of play was in Adler’s defensive zone. Dominik Pešek scored twice in the 5th and 9th minute. And after 17 seconds in 38:31 the score was tight! Adam Kostka performed his individual skills adding his fourth goal in the game.

After seven goalless minutes it almost seemed that the game would have to be resolved in the overtime, but in the last minute Bisons lost the ball posession because of referees‘ disputable call and Jamie Plunkett scored drom the following action. Bisons have not suceeded to equalize and Adler celebrated their triumph and ELL 2012 Champions title.

Wolves Radotín finished third. They won the bronze medal game against Aitcom Pardubice in sudden death overtime thanks to Jiří Košťál's goal. Old Dogs Plzeň defeated ELL Blue in the 5th place game 15:6. 

Jamie Plunkett (Deutschland Adler) received an award for the best offensive player ot the ELL. Martin Šrůta (Wolves Radotín) was the best defensive player, Tomáš Říha (LC Bison Radotín) was the best goalie. Dominik Pešek (LC Bison Radotín) reached 53 points for 27 goals and 26 assists and got the MVP award.

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by Jan Barák and Ondřej Mika

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