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ELL Champion will be Known on Saturday The European Lacrosse League approaches to its final this weekend. The play-offs will be held at the LCC Radotín stadium. All ELL teams still have chance to reach the absolute top in this year annual, but their starting points differ.

LC Bison Radotín, the winner of the ELL basic part, and Deutschland Adler who was the runner-up, have the best positions as they have bye to semi-finals directly. Their oponents will rise up from Aitcom Pardubice vs. Old Dogs Plzeň and Wolves Radotín vs. ELL Blue matches.

Aitcom Pardubice and Old Dogs Plzeň will open the programme on Friday at 6 p. m. They matched only once so far in the league and Old Dogs won after penalty shots. We can expect very tight battle. No change in rosters is expected so current shape of both benches will be important.

Wolves Radotín who won the third ELL tournament will match ELL Blue in the second quarter-final at 8 p. m. Radotín team is considered favorit of this game. They improved remarkably with adding Jiří Košťál, Martin Čulman and Dominik Sika to their roster. On the other side ELL Blue will miss theit top scorer Sean Menz. Anyway, we have seen many suprising results in the ELL this year, so nothing is sure before the game.

LC Bison Radotín wil start the Saturday programme with semi-final game against winner of Aitcom vs. Old Dogs Game at 1 p. m. Bisons finished third last year and they have the highest ambitions this year. But it will not be an easy match. Bisons defeated both potential oponents this year but the games were very tight. Andrew Fernando is ready to join Bisons after having treated his injury. But Bisons are expected to win this game and their failure would be a great surprise.

The second semi-final starts at 2.30 p. m. Deutschland Adler will play Wolves vs. ELL Blue winner. If Wolves fullfil the expectations and win we will watch a repetition of the last tournament final game. Wolves won it in the sudden death overtime. Adler Team will certainly do its best to avoid such risk and BJ Potter, one of the ELL star players will be their secret ace.

Following programme:
4 p. m. – 5th place game,
5.30 p. m. – 3rd place game,
7 p. m.  – final game.

The ELL final tournament is an autumn season highlight and no lacrosse fan should miss it. Spectators can watch the best European boxlacrosse players together with couple of Canadians and Americans. A special guest of the evening, Markéta Sluková, Czech national beach volleyball player who finished 5th in the Olympic games and was elected Miss of the Czech Olympic Team, will start the final game.

You can watch all games live or recorded at www.net-tv.cz.

by Jan Barák

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