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European Lacrosse League first time in Prague this year The third tournament of the ELL 2012 will take place in LCC Radotín arena, Vykoukových Street 622, Prague-Radotín, this weekend. Six teams will strive for points which will be important to get the most favourable match-up in the play-offs. The teams will also introduce their best players including any reinforcements which will enable spectators to judge a real power of each team.

There was some intense trading among the managers so the rosters are a kind of different. Obviously the biggest reinforcemnet got German team Deutschland Adler with three overseas players sporting their dress. The first is twenty-four years old goalie Neil Tyacke with experience from NLL Colorado Mammoth, who last year played for New Westminster Salmonbellies along with a Czech national Kyle Ross. A twin Tuura brothers Alex and Eric come from the same team. Moreover Phillip Broz has been traded from the Wolves for Martin Čulman. All the changes above make the Adlers a top candidate for the final game.
Another team who went stronger is Radotín Wolves with Martin Čulman and Dominik Sika as a goalie, an elite shooter Jiří Košťál who was already a key player for the coach Jiří Pechar last year.
The last runner up from Berlin tournament, ELL Blue, used the right to draft players and took away Jan Rydzak from the Bisons and Petr Toplský, a goalie, from Aitcom. On the other hand an experienced Emil Moravec will be missing.
From other interesting players who will play first time in Radotín we should mention English Alan Keeley in the Bisons, Jan Sadílek in Aitcom and Tomáš Žipaj in ELL Blue.

The tournament in Radotín means theend of round-robin games and the match-ups for the 19th and 20th October play-offs will be known when it finishes. The Bisons who won both previous tournaments have taken a safe lead position. We can only expect a big struggle for the second place which would enable a straightaway advance into a semifinal. It’s a better position now for Deutschland Adlers leading by 2 points ahead of Aitcom Pardubice and their Saturday game might predict a lot. The remaining three teams will fight at best for the fourth position with the Wolves as a team which is now the closest.

Game schedule:
Saturday 6th Oct 2012

13.00 Old Dogs Plzeň – LC Bison Radotín
14.30 Deutschland Adler – Aitcom Pardubice
16.00 LC Bison Radotín – Wolves Radotín
17.30 ELL Blue  – Aitcom Pardubice
19.00 Old Dogs Plzeň – Wolves Radotín
20.30 Deutschland Adler – ELL Blue

Sunday 7th Oct 2012
8.30 5th place game
10.45 3rd place game
13.00 final

All games live at The results at

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