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LC Bison Radotín won the dramatic final of the first ELL tournament LC Bison Radotín won the dramatic final of the first ELL tournament over AITCOM Pardubice. Radek Skála scored the winning goal at the end of last period in man down situation.

Spactators who came to the Na Košutce arena in Pilsen watched fast and attractive lacrosse from the very beginning og the game. Bison Michal Rozkot scored the first goal in the 3rd minute, confirming his very good performance in the whole tournament. In the 6th minute Jan Jůza and Vojtěch Oulehla turned the game within 28 seconds. Shooting festival continued for the whole first period. AITCOM Jan Skokan was the last scorer when he equalized to 4 : 4 in the last minute.

None of oponents was able to get higher than one goal difference in the second period. Both teams scored four goals and the game was verry attractive. Bison Dominik Pešek added two goals at the beginning of the third period finishing hattrick and when Petr Poupě scored right after Dominik it seemed that Bisons had broken the match and hit the final stroke.

But AITCOM players had not given the game up. Prchlík, Jeck and Oulehla answered and the score was 11 : 11 six minutes before the whistle. And they have got another great chance when Bisons‘ bench sent too many men to the arena. But Pardubice missed the ocassion and Radek Skála scored after goalie Tomáš Pelikán‘s great pass. Radek Skála then confirmed the Bisons‘ victory when he scored to the empty cage during Pardubice power-play.

„We expected a difficult match,“ Bison coach Patrik Procházka said. „We had problems in defence. Eleven goals received is too much.“

AITCOM coach Roman Pokorný was satisfied with his team performance. „ We have potencial to improve. I hope our game will be better and better during the course of the ELL.“

Germany based team Deutschland Adler finished 3rd when they defeated ELL Blue 12 : 7. The second period was decisive when Adler outscored Blues 6 : 0. The team lead by Jamie Plunkett shown its qualities and we can expect further improvement. Plunkett is leading the scorer’s stats after the tournament 1. „Eagles“ were missing several key players. Many players have very small box-lacrosse experience yet but we can expect that they will learn the game quickly.

ELL Blue finished fourth. Coach Mirek Knotek selected experience players to his squad. Adam Ondráček scored six goals and Sean Mentz five. Goelies seems to be a weaker point of the team. Marek Dobrý who is Blues‘ #1 certainly can play better. He is only 9th in the goalie statistics with 69% saves.

Home Old Dogs Plzeň won 10 : 5 over Wolves Radotín in the 5th place game. The first period was crucial – Old Dogs won 6 : 1. They performed nice team play. After brave fight against Bisons in the roud-robin game they missed luck against ELL Blue. Milan Černík and Karel Schaffner score 5 goals each.

Wolves finished sixth. They are far the youngest team in the ELL. They need to learn and their leaders Matěj Barák and Jiří Loskot need somebody else to combine with. Martin Hodaň organizes Wolves defence while Antonín Gottwald is a newborn offensive talent with 5 goals. „We want to learn and get more experience which we will use in next years,“ coach Jiří Pechar says.

You can watch all games at

Group A



LC Bison Radotín

Old Dogs Plzeň

ELL Blue



LC Bison Radotín


7 : 3 (2:0, 1:1, 4:2)4,5

11 : 6 (6:2, 3:1, 2:3)4

18 : 9


Old Dogs Plzeň

3 : 7 (0:2, 1:1, 2:4)0,5


7 : 8 (2:5, 1:1, 4:2)1,5

10 : 15


ELL Blue

6 : 11 (2:6, 1:3, 3:2)1

8 : 7 (5:2, 1:1, 2:4)3,5


14 : 18



Group B



Deutschland Adler

AITCOM Pardubice

Wolves Radotín



Deutschland Adler


7 : 12 (2:4, 1:3, 4:5)0

11 : 9 (3:3, 6:1, 2:5)3,5

18 : 21


AITCOM Pardubice

12 : 7 (4:2, 3:1, 5:4)5


8 : 4 (2:2, 3:1, 3:1)4,5

20 : 11


Wolves Radotín

9 : 11 (3:3, 1:6, 5:2)1,5

4 : 8 (2:2, 1:3, 1:3)0,5


13 : 19


Points: period victory 1 point, tight period 0,5 point each team, game victory 2 points


1st place game
LC Bison Radotín–AITCOM Pardubice 13 : 11 (4:4, 4:4, 5:3)

3rd place game
ELL Blue–Deutschland Adler 5 : 12 (3:3, 0:6, 2:3)

5th place game
Old Dogs Plzeň–Wolves Radotín  10 : 5 (6:1, 3:4, 1:0)

Standings after Tournament 1
1. LC Bison Radotín 17,5 (8,5+4+5)
2. AITCOM Pardubice 14,5 (9,5+1+4)
3. Deutschland Adler 11 (3,5+4,5+3)
4. ELL Blue 7 (4,5+0,5+2)
5. Old Dogs Plzeň 7 (2+4+1)
6. Wolves Radotín 3 (2+1+0)

* Numbers in brackets are points from round-robin games, points from placement games and bonus for the standings in the tournament.

by Jan Barák

See photogallery here.

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