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The second ELL annual starts on September 1st in Pilsen After the last year inaugural ELL won by Viliam Čulman’s Bats Lacrosse the second annual of a new lacrosse project starts in Pilsen on September 1st. Six teams consisting of players from 12 countries will compete in four tournaments again.

foto Josef ŠtěpánThere are several changes in the team list. Bats Lacrosse, Prague Sports and ELL Orange do not take part this year because of various reasons. Three new teams will hop on: Aitcom Pardubice, Wolves Radotín and especially German based Deutschland Adler.

Let’s introduce this year participants.

1. Aitcom Pardubice is one of the rookie teams this year. Manager Aleš Oulehla bets on his team coach Roman Pokorný who is experienced Czech national team coach. Several key players from Pardubice Lacrosse Club – Skokan, Říha and Sadílek – will play tohether with draft #1 Petr Gheorghe, #4 Ladislav Kopfstein and #5 Ondřej Sochna. Chris Bengston, who has huge experience from overseas, is another player to keep an eye on.

2. LC Bison Radotín were disapponted with their bronze medal last year and they have the highest ambition again. Manager Leoš Novák and coach Patrik Procházka will rely on excellent goalie Tomáš Říha and LCC Radotín and Czech national team players Petr Poupě, Radek Skála, Dominik Pešek, Roman Seidl and Kostka brothers. Young Radotín talent Jakub Výmola is another member of the team chosen in draft.

3. Deutschland Adler team is another ELL newcomer. Manager and key player Jamie Plunkett, last year ELL Champion in Bats‘ jersey, created his team mainly from top German players together with excellent Czech goalie Dominik Sika. There are also other top players in the core seven: Canadians Potter and Tyacke and superexperienced Czech Pavel Došlý. Artjom Merjasch, Tim Wunderlich and Adam Marshall were Adler’s first choice in draft.

4. Team ELL Blue does not have own management and it is run by the ELL in order to allow more players to experience the great atmosphere of the competition. Coach Mirek Knotek will lead the team. He hired experienced players, Czech national team members Emil Moravec, Petr Bek and Jan Penniger and in draft selected Adam Ondráček, Šimon Tůma and American Sean Menz, who played NCSS second division.

foto Josef Štěpán5. Old Dogs Plzeň suffered from several core players‘ injuries last year and certainly they want to improve their fifth place from last season. Manager Zdeněk Stuch and coaches Jiří Vít and Adam Střecha assambled Milan Černík, Mirek Polách, Adam Střecha, Ondřej Šedivec and Ondřej Podroužek for the core of their team. Jižní Město based goalies – young talent Tomáš Čekal and veteran Jiří Malina will guard the cage. Old Dogs drafted offensive Austrian Hauer brothers and experienced defenders – Czech National Aleš Veselý and Patrick Dougherty, an American who established and runs lacrosse in Turkey.

6. Wolves are the sixth ELL team. They are lead by manager Pavel Sedlák and coach Jiří Pechar. Their team is based on young Radotín squad – Matěj Barák, Jiří Loskot, Petr Novák, Martin Šrůta, Miroslav Jakš, Martin Hodaň together with goalie Martin Bartuška from Jižní Město. Young players were Pechar’s draft preference, too, so Wolves are the youngest ELL team, but certainly with big talent.

The ELL commences on September 1st and 2nd with its Tournament 1 in Pilsen. You can watch all games live at

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