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Wolves Dominated in the ELL Tournament 2 Radotín Wolves played in the full strenght in the ELL Tournament 2 and with an exception of the first period against Custodes have not lost a point. Their total number of points from the tournament is 17. Especially Jiří Košťál and Martin Hodaň were the key players after their absence in Berlin. The Wolves performed creative play full of attractive combinations and their defence with Jakub Mareš in goal was much more reliable.

European Lacrosse League 2013, Tournament 2

Wolves – Pietro Filipi 15:7 (5:3, 4:1, 6:3)
Pietro Filipi commenced better and lead 3:1 in the 6th minute. But it was all from their side. Wolves started to concentrate and with smart combinations they were dismantling the PF defence. Wolves scored four quick goals and turned the first period over.  They more or less controlled the game then. Pietro Filipi have the most international team in the league and they lack team play in comparison with Wolves. Also they were missing two key players from the last tournament, Sean Gibson and Klaus Hauer.

Custodes – Deutschland Adler 18:15 (3:6, 6:8, 9:1)
The German player were on top at the beginning of the match of two sucessfull teams from the Tournament. Adler won the first period, but then Custodes woke up and equalized to 8:8. Another Adler’s sunny period followed, they lead 14:9 after two periods and it seemed the would revenge for their loss in Berlin. Dominik Sika replaced Dylan Cowman in the Custodes goal for the third period and Custodes started their great show. Petr Poupě and Radek Skála were destroying Adler’s defence, they created all nine Custodes goals in the third period and gain a valuable victory.

Deutschland Adler – Pitro Filipi 18:8 (5:4, 7:1, 6:3)
Pietro Filipi were an equal opponent to Adler only in the first period. Jan Rydzak equalized to 4:4 just 17 seconds before the whistle, but still PF allowed Jamie Plunkett to score and steal complete point for Adler. German team dominated in the rest of the match. Jamie Plunkett was the scorer of the game with 6 goals.

Wolves – Custodes 15:12 (3:5, 7:3, 5:4)
Radek Skála started the last Saturday game with hattrick and Custodes won the first period 5:3. But Jiří Loskot was the star of the second third scoring four and helping Wolves to turn the game over. They lead 10:8 after two periods. But they lost their lead in just two minutes when Vojta Weiss and Petr Poupě scored. But Wolves did not panic and with four unanswered goals in four last minutes of the game won the match. Jiří Loskot scored twice after smart Matěj Barák’s feeds.

European Lacrosse League 2013, Tournament 2

Wolves – Deutschland Adler 13:5 (3:2, 3:1, 7:2)
The morning game was deciding about the winner of the ELL Tournament 2 and the game was very emotinonal. Prize money of CZK 3000 and a meal voucher for every member of the winning team from the tournament sponsor Sokolovna restaurant was a motivation. Jiří Loskot scored a winning goal of the first period 16 seconds before its end. Wolves were prevailing in the second period, too. Adler’s defence had troubles with Wolves‘ quick passes. The only Adler’s goal was shot by Jamie Plunkett setting the score 4:7 before the second break. Jamie then did not control his emotions after Jiří Košťál verbal remarks and started a fight. As a result he was evicted from the match together with Jiří Loskot. It was more serious loss for Adler team and Wolved then controlled the match easily.

Custodes – Pietro Filipi 11:14 (4:6, 2:6, 5:2)
The game between home Custodes and Pietro Filipi was a bitter surprise for home fans. Custodes game was lacking its usual freshness and elegance. Both Tonda Gottwald and Brandon Boccellari scored twice for PF in the first period and cotributed to the PF’s first point for the period.

PF were on top also in the second third. Custodes defence was chaotic and goalie Dylan Cowman certainly did not play his best. PF were six up at the end of the second period.

Custodes woke up in the last period and switched to higher level but it was not enough for the game victory. Pietro Filipi’s manager Radim Jasek could celebrate gaining of a valuable scalp and four points.

Standing after Tournaments 1 and 2
1. Wolves – 21.5 p.
2. Deutschland Adler – 20.5 p.
3. Custodes – 19 p.
4. Pietro Filipi – 11 p.

You can watch all games at www.net-tv.cz. See the photogallery here.

by Jan Barák and Ondřej Mika

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