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Wolves won the ELL 2013 basic part The third ELL tournament decided about the semi-final pairs of the competition. Wolves performed very good play again and lost only one period. Their semi-final opponent will be Pietro Filipi, the team which improves with each game. Custodes and Deutschland Adler will match in the second semi-final.

Beautifull sunny weekend brought many dramatic and tight matches, many great goals and individual actions. Lets review the games.

Custodes vs. Pietro Filipi 9:8 (4:1, 3:3, 2:4)
The programme started with a drama at the beginning. Pietro FIlipi team was almost complete for the first time including goalie Ginny Capicchioni and they let everybody know that they can be an equal opponent to anybody. Custodes were one or two goals up during the game but seven minutes before the final whistle PF Brandon Boccellari scored his fouth goal in the game and equalized to 7:7. But Custodes answered immediatelly and scored twice in one minute by Seidl and Skála.

Wolves vs. Deutschland Adler 10:7 (3:1, 3:4, 4:2)
The game between Wolves and Deutschland Adler was very emotinal in the Tournament 2 and it lead to a game ban for Jamie Plunkett and Jiří Loskot because of their fight. The Wolves commenced very well. Jiří Košťál was a beast at the crease scoring four in the first 20 minutes of the game. Adler got up at the middle of the game. Bieber, Brandenburger and Rozkot scored unanswered goals and equalized to 5:5. But other Wolves shooters Filip Broz and Matěj Barák helped their team, each of them adding two goals in the last period and the Wolves gained important points.

Pietro Filipi vs. Wolves 3:8 (0:1, 1:2, 2:5)
Both goalies, Jakub Mareš and Ginny Capicchioni dominated at the beginning of the game. They were destroying majority of attackmen‘s attempts allowing only four goals in two periods. Wolves broke the curse within five minutes of the third period when they scored four goals. Young Wolves‘ athleticism prevailed. Youngsters Sedlák and Bergman added two more goals for Wolves.

Custodes vs. Deutschland Adler 10:12 (3:5,3:1,4:6)
Custodes entered the game without concentration and allowed Adler Brian Taycke to score the hattrick within the first three minutes of the game. Taycke score seven in the game and was the Adler key attackman. Radek Skála was Custodes team leader scoring four and confirming his leading position in overall individual statistics. But Custodes seems disorganized and Adler’s success in the game was well deserved.

Deutschland Adler vs. Pietro Filipi 5:10 (0:5, 3:3, 2:2)
Adler missed Pavel Došlý in the Sunday game and they were sleepy in the first period allowing Pietro Filipi to score five goals. The PF’s domination continued and Tomáš Procházka added already the 7th goal in the 17th minute of the game. Only then the German team concentrated better and the second and third periods were tight. But one point gained from these periods was good enough for Adler to finish before PF in the overall tournament standings.

Wolves vs. Custodes 14:11 (5:4, 5:4, 4:3)
The last game was deciding about the ELL play-off settings. The Wolves needed one point from five available to win the Tournament 3 and finish the first in the ELL basic part. But the beginning of the game was not promising for Wolves. Vojta Weiss scored to 3:1 for Custodes in the fifth minute and the Wolved were goal or two down for almost whole first period. But at the very end of the period they equalized and Artur Bergman added a winner in the last minute securing the desired point. Wolves then more or less controlled the game playing with heart and bigger enthusiasm then their opponents.

The ELL play-offs will be played on Saturday October 19 and it is really hard to say that any team has better chances than another. This means that we can expect highly attractive and challenging games.

You can watch all games at www.net-tv.cz. The photogallery is here.
by Jan Barák and Ondřej Mika

ELL Tournament 3 standings

1. Wolves – 14 p.
2. Deutschland Adler – 6 p.
3. Pietro Filipi – 5,5 p.
4. Custodes – 4,5 p.

ELL overall standings after basic part

1. Wolves – 38,5 p.
2. Deutschland Adler – 28,5 p.
3. Custodes – 23,5 p.
4. Pietro Filipi – 17,5 p.

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