The Wolves won also the Tournament 3 and they will be seeded as #1 to semis

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The Wolves won also the Tournament 3 and they will be seeded as #1 to semis The Wolves succeeded in the third ELL tournament, althoug the games were much tighter and calculation of final standings complicated.

Deutschland Adler brought very few players for the tournament and they lost to Pietro Filipi 10:12. On the other side Pietro Filipi play in their ful strenght including the „joker“ Martin Kostka.  Custodes and Wolves then played very attractive game. Both teams were missing their x1 goalies, but at least Christoph Kunert in Custodes goal was top quality substitute to Dominik Sika. Custodes won 14:10. Wolves then got satiscaftion after defeating Pietro Filipi 14:6. Custodes complicated the tournament standings with loss to Deutschland Adler. On Monday morning Custodes matched Pietro Filipi and played another attractive game. Pietro Filipi won and improved their self-confidence before the upcoming play-off. Wolved then dominated the game against Adler. They had much better offence and overscored tired Adler team easily.

Thanks to higher number of ponts for winning periods Wolves won the  whole Tournament 3 and thus whole basic plart of the ELL and will be seeded as #1 to the semis. Their opponent will be Pietro Filipi. Custodes and Deutschland Adler are the second pair. Adler manager Jamie Plunkett already announced participation of two jokers – Finish players Jarno Aaltonen and Markus Mattila. Semifinals will be played on Satrday November 1sz at 11 a.m. and 1. p.m.

Final standings, Tournament  3
1. Wolves – 10,5 p.
2. Pietro Filipi – 9 p.
3. Deutschland Adler – 5,5 p.
4. Custodes – 5 p.

Overall final standings
1. Wolves – 43 p.
2. Deutschland Adler – 29,5 p.
3. Custodes – 20 p.
4. Pietro Filipi – 15,5 p.

Semifinal 1: Nov 1, 2014, 11.00 – Wolves – Pietro Filipi
Semifinal 2: Nov 1, 2014, 13.00 – Deutschland Adler – Pietro Filipi


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