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Wolves won the ELL Tournament 1 Defending champions Wolves Radotín entered the tour very well and won the ELL Tournament 1. They defeated all other teams.

The Wolves won their first game against Custodes 13 to 9. Radek Skála who played for Custodes last year was the Wolves' main star. Deutschland Adler defeated Pietro Filipi. Pietro Filipi has the most international team again this year and obviously they need more time to settle their style. Pirtro Filipi lost to Wolves too, while Deutschland Adler won quite easily ove Custodes. The first Sunday game betweenn Wolves and Adler thus aswered the qestion who will be the tournament 1 champion. Wolves prevailed and won 10:5. Custodes finished the third after their victory ove Pietro Filipi 9:8. Custodes earned an easy and sufficiend lead soon, but at the end of the game they had to worry about the result.

Standings after tournament 1:
1. Wolves, 16 points
2. Deutschland Adler, 12,5 p.
3. Custodes, 6 p.
4. Pietro Filipi, 1,5 p.

See detailed results and stats here.

Check photos from Saturday by Petr Tahal here.

Wolves |Radotín, photo Petr Tahal

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